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Brain as an index organ

Today, despite advances in anesthesia monitoring, the administration of sedatives and analgesics continues to rely heavily on clinicians educated guess.


Braindex has developed an integrated brain monitoring platform to meet the challenges of subjective anesthetic administration. This cutting-edge technology enables clinicians to simply, non-invasively and instantaneously objectify the effect of anesthetics on patients’ brains, enabling drug administration to be tailored to individual patients.

Transformative solutions

Braindex mobilizes its resources to provide fundamental answers to the need for personalized care. We seek transformative solutions, both in terms of degree of innovation and affordability, to maximize medical benefits for the greatest number of patients.​ ​


We conceive our mission in the context of a broad partnership. We encourage multilateralism and cooperation to help healthcare professionals preserve patients’ health, autonomy and quality of life.

Ethical values and integrity

Our actions are rooted in respect for and promotion of ethical values based on the development of people, inclusive diversity, integrity in exchanges, equitable sharing of value creation and a clear understanding of the need to take social and environmental issues into account.

Medical Board


Pr. Julien Amour

Anesthesiologist Intensivist Perfusionist​, Director at Institute of Perfusion, Resuscitation and Anesthesia of Cardiac Surgery (IPRA)​ Hôpital privé Jacques Cartier, Massy, FRANCE

olivier desebbe

Dr. Olivier Desebbe

Anesthesiologist Intensivist​,
Clinique de la Sauvegarde, Lyon, FRANCE


Pr. Philipe Richebé​

Full Professor Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Université de Montréal​ Département d’Anesthésiologie et Médecine de la Douleur de l’Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, Montreal, CANADA

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